Saturday, September 29, 2007


Last night I watched the final part of Michael Wood's fascinating 10,000 year history of India. I have to say that whilst the scenery was breathtaking, I must admit to feeling a little disappointed with Michael Wood's account of the British Raj.

I have the utmost respect for Wood as a historian, but yet again, we had another English academic doing down British achievments in India. The Raj was skimmed over whilst the acts of revenge by the British during the Indian Mutiny were highlighted whilst the massacre of European men, women and children at places like Cawnpore did not even receive a mention.

I accept that in our politically correct world we should respect every man no matter what the colour of his skin is, or respect whatever religion he practices. However, let's hear British history how it was. How will it ever be possible for future generations to learn from history if "new age" historians keep rewriting and sanitising it like an American movie so as not to cause offence to the peoples of our once colonial possessions? The best illustration of this was during the recent anniversary of the famous Battle of Trafalgar. A re-enactment was staged but instead of the battle being fought between the British and the French, it was fought between the Red and the Blue, so as not to cause offence to the French. How ridiculous!

The British Empire was not perfect, but neither was it the evil that our modern historians claim it was. I live in hope that one day we will be able to enjoy a retelling of the British Raj on TV that will highlight the good and the bad aspects of what our ancestors lived and fought to build and then maintained for so long.

Paul Rowland.
The Indiaman Magazine.

Friday, September 28, 2007


BBC2 TV. 28th September 2007.

Tonight night at 9pm on BBC2 the last episode of Michael Wood's fascinating TV programme "THE STORY OF INDIA" will be shown.

Wood's has covered 10,000 years of Indian history in this epic series. Tonight's programme covers the British Raj and Indian Independence, so make sure you watch it if you can.

If you can't get BBC2, don't worry because you can get the book and the DVD of the series by cutting and pasting the following link, where you will get 40% off the publisher's price.

The other programme to watch out for will be shown next Thursday on 4th October at 9pm on BBC1.

This is the celebrity genealogy TV programme, 'Who Do You Think You Are." This is about the impersonator, Alistair McGowan's family who were in India. This is the programme that The Indiaman Magazine helped with so we will be watching it carefully. I hope that you can too.

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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Free Ebook for every visitor to the Indiaman website.


Just a quick message to let you know that every visitor to The Indiaman Magazine's website is eligible to receive for a FREE ebook. The book is a copy of a 19th century book, made available by us in a 21st century format.

The book is a Chronological History of India, detailing all of the key events that have taken place in India year by year under every ruling dynasty. So, if you are Indian, Portuguese, Dutch, French or English, this books list all of the key events on a year by year basis.

To receive your FREE ebook, simply go to The Indiaman Magazine's website today.

I'll look forward to hearing from you soon.

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Paul Rowland.
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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

My head hurts!


Last week I thought that I would be able to announce some new books that will soon be available on The Indiaman Magazine's website. However, everything ground to a halt when my daughters' trampoline fell on my head whilst I was looking for something in my garage.

There was no serious damage done, (luckily for me it landed on my head!) I was left dazed for a couple of hours, and left with a very sore head that still hurts today. Trying to focus on the computer proved interesting so I went and laid down in a dark room and felt sorry for myself for a few days.

Next week, I hope to tell you about the new books that you will soon be able to enjoy.

That's all for this week.

Paul Rowland.
The Indiaman Magazine

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Welcome to The Indiaman Magazine's Blog!

Hi, and welcome to The Indiaman Magazine's Blog.

This is a new venture for us and I hope that you will look forward to using it.

Yesterday I opened the doors to The Indiaman Magazine's website. By that I mean that it is now possible for you to access most areas of our website from the home page without having to give your name and email details each time you visit us.

I have some interesting news about new publications that we will shortly be making available, and also news of the proposed Indiaman Magazine's tours to India.

I will keep you posted.

Best wishes
Paul Rowland
The Indiaman Magazine.