Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Welcome to The Indiaman Magazine's Blog!

Hi, and welcome to The Indiaman Magazine's Blog.

This is a new venture for us and I hope that you will look forward to using it.

Yesterday I opened the doors to The Indiaman Magazine's website. By that I mean that it is now possible for you to access most areas of our website from the home page without having to give your name and email details each time you visit us.

I have some interesting news about new publications that we will shortly be making available, and also news of the proposed Indiaman Magazine's tours to India.

I will keep you posted.

Best wishes
Paul Rowland
The Indiaman Magazine.


Madras said...

A great initiative! Good luck with the blog.

Anonymous said...

This is wonderful. I hope it is a really useful and productive blog. I will definitely be getting involved.

Clive A Lincoln said...

I was born in British India and left three years after England granted the country its independence. Like many others who lived there I am always interested in tales of the 'Raj'.
Best wishes for a successful and interesting site Paul.

Clive A Lincoln

Anonymous said...

Thank you for inviting me to participate in your blog. I belong to a fifth generation of Irish settlers in India who pionered apple and fruit cultivation in 1850 and will be very interested in your site.
Best Regards.
Thomas Charles Banon

Liola said...

Wishing you every success with the blog! I shall take a keen interest in The Indiaman Magazine Blog.

Liola Lee

Kiwi said...

Good luck with your Blog!

I am thinking of living and working in India. Can anbody please tell me if it safe there now from major terrorism or should I take my family somewhere else?
Perhaps someone has been living there recetly?

Anonymous said...

The Blog is a good idea. I am descended from A mixed British/Irish and Indian Familys. The main side of the family leaving India in 1946-50.
Presently i am trying to trace my family roots.
Richard C Good

Anonymous said...

Well tonight i decided to take a look at my Family Information that i had gathered over that last 10 yrs from living relatives. As you can guess a lot of it contradicts each other such as dates of birth,Who married whom and when. A lot of work to progress. But one positive result tonight. i Found a reference to my fathers school in a note. St. Michaels High School patna. And also the Medical School he attended prior to enlisting in the Army during the second ww.
A search in google returned a web site which had photos of both patna and St Michaels School.

I remember my Fathers Half Brother Cedric mentioning a place called Digha. All seems to add up. My thanks to the Indiaman for kick starting my research once more.

Rainy's Ramble said...

My Irish ancestor Thomas Connolly married in India 1861 to Matilda Payne while stationed there with the British Imperial Forces.
They had 4 children there and sailed for Australia in 1873 from Bombay on the PERA.
Why they left India for Australia I don't know. We didn't know they were from India until I started tracing my family history.

I think this site will be a great asset to a lot of people.

Good Luck with it all.