Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Anglo-Indians - Response

Where shall I start?

Anglo-Indians are wanted back in India and will be welcomed with open arms, only, it would seem if they embrace Hinduism. Once they have done that they will be equal partners "in India’s promising future, politically and economically." However, the A-I community have been, and have had exactly that in the West for the last 60 years. This reminds me of the 19th century missionaries who went to India to try and convert the heathens. That idea was equally as shortsighted as the good doctor's is.

There is no such thing as equality in India. Men and women in India are not equal and Hindusim is more prejudiced towards its own people than any other race on earth, where its caste system was designed to keep everyone in its place, and the use of the word 'karma' (what will be, will be) has been a great device for keeping Indians in that place for centuries. Under the British, India and Indians, (including Pakistanis and Bangladeshis) were for the one and only time in their history, equally united across the sub-continent.

The English (or British), neither loved or hated the Anglo-Indians, however, they have been accepted by Britan and the West, and they have been free to be, and to become whatever they wish to become and to worship whomever they wish. India it seems has taken 60 years to realise that they now want Anglo-Indians to "come home." In India you still have to wear a label that identifies you as belonging to a particular sect, community or religion. Why? Sixty years is a long time to realise that Anglo-Indians are as "as Indian as us." But only when it suits India's political, economic and religious plans. India will welcome you back with open arms and warmly shake your hands, but be sure to count your fingers afterwards because even a blind man could spot this wolf in sheep's clothing!

The good doctor says that, "It is India that defines you and not England." That is not true. It is childhood that defines us and makes each and every one of us what we are today. And, in the history books that I have read and studied, I was always led to believe that the Mughals (whose culture and architecture India still celebrates as its own today) came from Persia. That makes at least two foreign invaders!

I do, however believe the good doctor when he says that the Anglo-Indians "are far more important to India than to England." That is obvious from the doctor's email. However, one does wonder why, and why now?

The doctor continues; "England used you for its purposes, and now does not even give you due respect as a major part of her history." I don't recall seeing any Indian history books that espouse the Anglo-Indians role in history either. The doctor then confuses the British with the Nazis, and like the Nazis boasts of world domination. Well, I am pleased for India and its people, because they have been living in the dark ages for too long, defined by superstition and religion. However, I would suggest that without the British, India's economic, political, education, military etc., would not be where she hopes to be tomorrow. It is only a shame that it has taken sixty years of internal political, cultural and religious struggles to get to be where she once was, when she was part of the British Empire.

As a genealogical researcher with 36 years experience I can assure you that when you begin looking into a person's family tree, there are few, if any, that can boast a pure-bred lineage that is descended from one single race of people. The British can not claim that and neither can the Indians. With DNA profiling today, we can now trace our origins back to our first ancestors. If we all investigated our DNA origins, what would we do with the labels that we currently wear and continue to allow people to pin on us, when our DNA can probably be traced back to Africa? Would we suddenly become African's? I think not!

I would suggest to all Anglo-Indians that you simply rejoice in being you, and cherish those wonderful memories of childhood. Oh! and regards the good doctor I would suggest a simple, "thanks, but no thanks!"

Best wishes
Paul Rowland
The Indiaman magazine

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Dickie Hughes said...

In Reply to Dr Gautam Jayaswal

1. I am an Anglo-Indian of Domicile European decent i. e. my grandparents on both my father and mother's side were born outside of India as were a vast number of other white Anglo-Indians, Would we also be welcome in the India you are writing about? ( I think not )

2. Regarding Respect the British i. e. English, Scottish, Irish, and Welsh, who make up the United Kingdon of Great Britian gave us Anglo-Indian's White or Coloured respect by allowing us to come to Great Britian and settle here when India was granted Independence on the 14th August 1947 at Midnight.

Respect was not only given to the Anglo-Indians but also to the Indian's ( Hindu's Muslim's Sikh's Christians, and other religion's as we all were British Subjects having the right to come to the U.K. Which was abused by some Indians which made it harder for others to get in to the UK.

3. Regarding the British massacring millions of Hindu's I am sure that you must have heard about Kanpur, ( Cawnpore and the Bibigurgh) Lucknow, Meerut, Delhi,but to name a few where the Poorbia soldiers massacred defenseless British, European, and Anglo-Indian Men Women and Children
weather they had any thing to do with the Military or not.
How is it that you and your corrupt politicians forget the Mughals and how many millions of Hindu's they killed? as for the Indian Mutiny being the Indian's first war of Independence please ask your corrupt politicians to at least tell the truth about that , the Poorbia soldiers did not mutiny for the sake of Indian freedom but to bring back the rule of the Mughals if you want to learn the truth do read The Truth About The Indian Mutiny 1857 by Dr Ganda Singh.

4. We Anglo-Indians did not let India down you Indians did that for your selves I remember when I lived in Saharanpur U. P. between 1938-1962 in 1949-1955 we had Tonga's comming round most every evening in the Railway Colony where most of us Anglo-Indians lived telling us Anglo-Indians to leave India leave your employment with the Eastern Punjab Railway so Indians can take over your jobs take your Money from the Railway while you still have the chance leave your homes and take your Women and children and quit India.
Do not say we Anglo_Indians let India down, I was one Anglo-Indian who never listened to the Idiots and stayed and joined the New Northern Railway in 1957 I found that I was not going any where on the New Indian Railway because I was an Anglo-Indian so I packed my bags and with heavy heart left my home land.
When I arrived in this Country the United Kingdom I had only #5.00 in my pocket the people of this wonderful Country welcomed me and they have been my friends and have shown me love , I have married an ENGLISH Lady a Christian my three Children and my 9 grandchildren are British not Anglo-Indian as are all our children born in this country Anglo-Indians are a dieing breed I hold United Kingdom Citizenship I would not want Dual Citizenship.

Britain is a multi cultural country it does not matter if one is a Christian, Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Buddhist or any other religion, one could be Black White Yellow Pink or multi coloured we are all British including most of the NRI's I have many Indian friends and enjoy speaking Hindi punjabi and Gujrati I traveled over most of India in my younger days.

5. Thank you for your offer that we Anglo_Indians should return to India this Anglo-Indian has been back to India quite a few times and every time I have noticed India getting more spoilt the last time was in 2006 it broke my heart to see how you people have spoilt India a wonderful country, New Delhi built mostly by the British a prestine City now filthy dirty and polluted as is Bombay ( Mumbai )and many other City's the place of my birth Saharanpur U P is over populated and filthy dirty it realy spoilt my happy memories.
As for going back to live in India No way one would be mad to give up our life in this wonderful country to go to that corrupt and dirty country, where they do not care for their poor and starving millions there is too much wrong with India.

The only way I would return to the Indian sub continent would be if the Sikh's got their own home land Independent of the Hindu's Muslims as the Sikh's are the most trust worthy and truthful people I have had the pleasure to know.

Hal Hughes